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Sound card problems

Folks – I wonder if someone on this list can help us with a problem we are having with our sound card:


We purchased a Creative E-MU 0202 USB sound card to use with a laptop. Unfortunately, when we play wav files through this sound card, they occasionally skip for a few milliseconds. The skipping occurs at random intervals and does not seem related to the file size. The problem does not occur if we play the same sound file through the internal soundcard on the same laptop. We have already done most of the usual troubleshooting steps – update/reinstall drivers, used both USB 1 and USB 2 ports, etc. –  but none seem to have worked.


Has anyone observed such a problem before? Any solutions that you can suggest?


Also, do you have another “favorite” amongst external sound cards? We want to use it to run some speech tests in the field.


Thanks for all your help!






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