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Fwd (REPEAT): Musician's IQ (drummers)

Dear List,

I might or might not have done something wrong when I forwarded Warren
Brodsky's message to the list.  So I apologize if you get this message


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Date: Sat, Aug 9, 2008 at 12:48 AM
Subject: Re: Musician's IQ (drummers)
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Dear Al,

For some reason the master wont let me post this on the list.  Perhaps
you can share it for me.


Dear List,

I you are interested on reading notation (inner hearing) among
drummers (Experiment 3), and then a discussion about differences
between groups of instrumentalists (pianists for example) versus
drummers, see our recent paper.

Brodsky, W., Kessler, Y., Rubinstein, B. S., Ginsborg, J., and Henik, A. (2008).
The mental representation of music notation: notational audiation.
Journal Of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception & Performance, 34, 427-445.


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