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Psychology seminar presentation ideas with music


HI, my name is Dan Ladwig and I am a jr. at CSU Chico State working on my BA in psychology. I am planning to go to a grad school that has good cognitive neuropsychology program. I think UC Davis and Stanford have very good ones. If anyone knows any good grad schools that have good programs in that type of field please let me know.


Anyway, I have my psychology seminar presentation coming up in a few semesters and I'm still thinking what I should do. I really want to something with music and how it interacts with the brain and see how I can do some kind of study with people (college students.)

These are my interests now and for the future:

How is music perceived by the brain and which cells and circuits come into play? How does music influence a childʼs developing brain? Are musiciansʼ brains wired differently from those of other people?  Any kind of music, whether itʼs being played or just listened to, is able to shape the structure and function of the brain.

If anyone has any good research projects I can do for my senior seminar please let me know! Any help would be great!

Thank you,


Dan Ladwig