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4. experimental design program - Macs

Dear List, and dear Anjali,
if Matlab looks a bit too "scary" for the coding part (you can do interfaces with it, but it's still a command line software), but if you still need the flexibility that the Matlab platform gives, I'd suggest to start looking to MaxMSP (www.cycling74.com). It's a sort of "object-graphical" programming language (not to be confused with the object programming languages like C++ and Java...), sufficiently intuitive and extremely flexible, normally used by musicians and composer, but which can be easily used for auditory experiments applications (I've been using it in the past 4 years, and it's for sure a good choice).
Then, it even offers the possibility to run Javascript codes and to program your own C++ objets (there are really good already-made XCode projects), in case you need particular functionalities which are not offered within the standard object library (of course, there are even thousand of objects downloadable online...).
I hope this helps, and if you need any more information or suggestion about MaxMSP, feel free to write me!

Lorenzo Picinali

Lorenzo Picinali
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