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Re: Reverberation Calculation/Modelling


If I understand you, we have published a paper on a related topic:

Wu M. and Wang D.L. (2006): A pitch-based method for the estimation of short reverberation time. Acta Acustica united with Acustica, vol. 92, pp. 337-339.


John Spencer wrote:

Dear List,


Im looking for some advice/help in relation to measuring or determining the amount of reverberation in a speech or audio signal. Ive been trying to see if there is any literature on this but I cannot find any way of measuring the amount of reverberation in a signal. Are there any mathematical models that can be used to calculate a "value" for revereration when given a speech/audio segment?


Also, I would intersted in finding out if there is a way of comparing two identical signals recorded in two different rroms to determine the revereration differences.


I don't suspect that much has been done in this area but thanks to anyone who can help me with information or advice.




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