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Running WinXP with a PC-mounted IF5 card of Cochlear Inc?

Dear List,
I am asking any expert's help/comment about running WinXP with a PC-mounted IF5 card of Cochlear Inc, for Cochlear Implant (CI) research with Nucleus CI24 patients. This IF5 card plugs into a legacy 16-bit ISA PC slot.
Now, this IF5 card is connected to a Cochlear Inc. Box, whose 22 LED lights can monitor the output of the transmitting coil of an off-the-shelf  CI24 implant. Finally, the electrodogram can be shown through the PC software RFstatistics (version 1.05, developed by HearWorks).

Now, our problem is that:
1) the PC OS system is WinXP;
2) the electrodogram-demonstrated software "RFstatistics" version 1.05 is for WinXP too (The software is the one listed at the bottom of the
3) So, we are in great need of a WinXP hardware driver for the IF5 card of Cochlear Inc.

Any information or comment would be highly appreciated. Thanks.


Dustin, UC-Irvine