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Re: benchmark systems for MIR

Hi Arijit,

probably the closest answer to your questions would be the MIREX effort:

I don't think that fingerprinting systems have been evaluated during the
last years, but you are open to propose such an evaluation task for next


> Hello all!
> A novice question ;-)
> After designing oneÂs music information retrieval system how do one
> measure the performance of oneÂs system?
> Do you compare the performance with some existing benchmark systems? If
> yes, how could I get access to those benchmark systems?
> For example, if IÂve designed an audio fingerprinting system, with whom
> should I compare? Similarly, with whom should I compare my genre
> classification or mood extraction algorithm?
> It would be really great if I could get such a list ;-)
> Best Regards,
> ~Arijit

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