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reference text recommendation

Hi to all, 


I'm searching for reference texts on audiology, psychoaoustics, psychology of hearing. 
I'd like to have an idea of  the state of the art in the three fields.

I remember a discussion on the list, but it seems that  the archives cannot be searched and I am not able to retrieve the relevant posts.
Is there a list on the web?

Thanks a lot



Andrea Valle
Università degli Studi di Torino

I did this interview where I just mentioned that I read Foucault. Who doesn't in university, right? I was in this strip club giving this guy a lap dance and all he wanted to do was to discuss Foucault with me. Well, I can stand naked and do my little dance, or I can discuss Foucault, but not at the same time; too much information.
(Annabel Chong)