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Fwd: SMT-MCG call for 2009 pre-proposals

The Society for Music Theory has an active group dedicated to music cognition.  We promote proposals for papers on this topic for the Society's national conferences.  Any researchers on this list who are unfamiliar with the expected formats for the Society for Music Theory's papers can avail themselves of the service announced below.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Peter Martens <peter.martens@xxxxxxx>
Date: November 14, 2008 5:06:10 PM EST
Subject: SMT-MCG call for 2009 pre-proposals


At our recent meeting in Nashville, the SMT's Music Cognition Interest
Group reaffirmed its commitment to assist scholars and researchers who
work in the grey area between music theory and the cognitive sciences
with the task of creating a successful SMT conference proposal.

To that end, a blog framework is up and running at
http://mcg.pmartens.net.  Authors should submit proposals to me via
email, following the directions given on the blog's homepage.  At this
time we have identified what will probably be an adequate number of
reviewers for this year's submissions.  I would, however, like to
compile a list of those willing to review in the future, or in the event
of a large number of submissions this year.  One can get a sense of the
blog structure by viewing the three current "dummy" posts and comments,
viewable with the passwords "dummy1", "dummy2", and "dummy3", respectively.

Proposals will be posted and reviewed in the order received, and authors
and reviewers will have the opportunity to revise and revisit
submissions as time permits.  There is no absolute deadline for
submissions, but the January 15 postmark deadline for SMT proposals
should suggest that submissions not received before the holidays will
have little chance for substantive review.  And since I'll be skiing Up
North, they may not be posted promptly, either.

Finally, this approach is somewhat different than our previous effort;
there will be NO attempt to form a special session for the 2009 Montreal
conference out of these submissions.  Proposals that are reviewed as
part of this effort should be submitted through the normal SMT
submission procedures, without mentioning the SMT-MCG in the proposal
materials; doing so would almost certainly cause unnecessary confusion
for the SMT program committee.

Please feel free to forward this announcement as you see fit.


Dr. Peter Martens
Assistant Professor of Music Theory
Texas Tech University School of Music
Music Research Lab
806.742.2270 x238

Scott Spiegelberg, PhD
Associate Professor of Music
DePauw University School of Music
1106 Green Center for Performing Arts