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Re: unsubscribe

Hi everyone,

before the lists gets swamped with unsubscribe mails.....

If you look at the complete header of every AUDITORY list mail you
receive,  you'll find the information where to go to unsubscribe:

> List-Help: <http://lists.mcgill.ca/scripts/wa.exe?LIST=AUDITORY>, 
> <mailto:LISTSERV@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?body=INFO AUDITORY>

> List-Unsubscribe: <mailto:AUDITORY-unsubscribe-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>  List-Subscribe: <mailto:AUDITORY-subscribe-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> List-Owner: <mailto:AUDITORY-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> List-Archive: <http://lists.mcgill.ca/scripts/wa.exe?LIST=AUDITORY>

An empty mail to AUDITORY-unsubscribe-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx would be
sufficient or you could go to the website using the help link above. And of
course this information was also sent out to you when you subscribed to
the list.  Hope it helps.

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