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Re: cheap headphone + sound card (UNCLASSIFIED)

> I say, pick one up and test it out... and report back the results! I'm
> very
> curious. It would be simple to test empirically if you have an
> oscilloscope
> and a parallel port interface card.

this will happen exactly tomorrow! I had the chance to have one for a test
today. Tomorrow I will test the USB card together with a visual display
generated with psychtoolbox. I'll put video and audio signal in the
oscilloscope and see whether there is any delay.

As soon as I have the results I post it to the list.

ps: I did this same test months ago with a PCI soundcard. For those
interested, if you get maximal priority on your operative system (this can
be done for a time of about a few seconds) audio and visual signal are
offset of less than 3-ms (if my memory s correct) and sometimes (say 1 on
50 or tests or more) the audio or the video signal gets offset of slightly
more because the video "misses one frame" and skips one refresh.