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Backward masking

I wonder whether anyone has copies of the following articles on backward
masking by Samoilova they might be willing to send me?

Samoilova, I.K. 1956.  Masking effect of a strong sound stimulus on a
previously applied weak one. Biofizika, 1, 79-97.

Samoilova, I.K. 1959. Masking of short tone signals as a function of the
time interval between masked and masking sounds.  Biofizika, 4, 550-558.

I'm not sure whether the original papers were in English or Russian... If
Russian, I'd be even more grateful if anyone has an English translation!

Many thanks,

Katharine Mair
UCL, Speech, Hearing & Phonetic Sciences
Rm 326, Chandler House
2 Wakefield Street
London WC1N 1PF
e-mail: k.mair@xxxxxxxxx