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HAID 09 - Dresden, Germany


Fourth International Workshop on

Haptic and Audio Interaction Design, HAID'09

10th-11th September 2009 in Dresden, Germany




HAID'09 is a direct successor to the successful workshop series inaugurated in Glasgow in 2006, in Seoul in 2007 and in Jväskyla in 2008. The aim of HAID’09 is to bring together researchers and practitioners who share an interest in finding out how the haptic and audio modalities can be used together in human computer interaction. The research challenges in the area are best approached through user-centred design, empirical studies or the development of novel theoretical frameworks.


Contributions are welcomed in (but not limited to) the following areas (please note that in all of these areas both theoretical and empirical approaches are encouraged):


    * Novel haptic, audio and multimodal interfaces and interactions

    * Design principles for multimodal user-interfaces

    * Evaluating multimodal interactions

    * New evaluation methodologies

    * Multimodal visualisations

    * Affective roles of haptics and audio in interaction

    * Cross-modal interactions

    * Auditory and haptic displays for visually impaired people

    * Safety critical multimodal applications (monitoring, controlling, alarming)

    * Designing haptics and audio for touch screen

    * Influence of whole-body-vibration on auditory perception

    * Multimodal gaming and entertainment

    * Vibrotactile feedback and music

    * Interaction in physical exercise

    * Collaborative multimodal systems

    * Mobile multimodal interactions

    * Emulation and simulation of real world with audio-haptic design

    * Virtual environments research and new multimedia interfaces

    * Novel systems and interactions using other modalities (e.g. taste, smell)


We invite your papers, posters and demonstrations on these topics, and look forward to seeing you in Dresden in September 2009!


Ercan Altinsoy

Ute Jekosch

Stephen Brewster



    *  9th February 2008: Call for papers

    * 20th April 2008: Papers due for submission

    * 30th May 2008: Notification of acceptance

    * 19th June 2008: Final (camera ready) versions of papers due

    * 19th June 2008: Posters and demos due for submission

    * 8th August 2008: Notification of poster and demo acceptance

    * 10th - 11th September: Haptic and Audio Interaction Design Workshop


Additional information may be obtained from: http://www.ias.et.tu-dresden.de/akustik/HAID09/