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Re: Hearing aids power consumption

See:  Kates, James M. (2008).  "Digital Hearing Aids."  Plural Publishing (www.pluralpublishing.com)
In his discussion of power consumption, Kates reports the following for a  typical digital hearing aid (p. 9):
Total current drain:  1 mA
Microphone and A/D:  200 uA
Digital processor, associated memory, and D/A :  700 uA
Output amplifier and receiver:  50 uA
Christine Rankovic
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From: Yi-Wen Liu
Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 2008 4:09 PM
Subject: Hearing aids power consumption

Dear all,

We all know that hearing-aid batteries run out quickly. I am wondering whether the battery power is mainly consumed by the digital signal-processing circuitry, or by the analog amplifier and receiver? Does anybody know an approximate percentage, say 60% DSP and 40% analog (just my random guess)?

Best regards,
Yi-Wen Liu
Boys Town National Research Hospital