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Re: Article request: Pavlovic, C. (1991)

Pierre, I will send you the article in a separate email since I was so publicly reminded that this list should not be used for attachments. If anybody else needs this or other SII (AI) articles let me know. Also, I will try to put some of those on www.sii.to in the next few days. At this day and age with virtually unlimited storage, fast DSL, and a the delete function on the keyboard it is hard to justify that journal articles should not be enclosed.

Pierre Divenyi wrote:

Please do the electronic version, so that others on the list could also benefit from Chas's 1991 wisdom (I am sure he will not mind).


At 02:53 PM 1/5/2009, Lewis, Dawna E wrote:
Oddly enough, I was cleaning some files recently and actually have a hard copy of that article. I could send you one via regular mail or try to get
time to scan it over the next couple of days.

Dawna Lewis