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Re: attachments

A bit of background on attachments:

- The request to avoid attachments originated with the problems it caused for readers subscribed in "digest" mode, who would have to scroll through dozens of pages of ASCII-encoded binary to see any later messages. I'm not sure if the more recent version of the listserv software has improved this; I personally stopped using digest mode because it also mangled any "rich text" messages.

- Yesterday's large attachment caused errors with 167 list subscribers (either due to hard limits on message size at their sites, or because it pushed their indivdual email allowance over quota.

I personally have gradually begun to use large-ish email attachments more and more. I do, however, think there are still good reasons to avoid large attachments on the list. As an alternative, I am happy to host files on the www.auditory.org website - so, for instance, you could email the attachment to me personally, I would mail you back the URL of where I have put it, then you could post a message to the list including that URL.


On Jan 7, 2009, at 2:37, "Bruno L. Giordano" <bruno.giordano@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx > wrote:


My intention was to take the chance to cheerfully remind of the list policy. Evidently I misperceived my own cheerfulness, and I started a thread.

As already explained to Chas offlist, I have been archiving the list since 2000 (call it collector compulsion, a personal archive allows for more flexible searches than the available web services). Every time I update my main machine I move all my mail, including the list archive. Regular large attachments will force me to abandon this habit, since I will be less happy to move around gigs of mail.

Some stats fun: the "incriminated" message (11M) is around 2000 times the median size of the mails sent to the list since 2000 (5K) and around 2 years of messages.

I would be more than happy if the list server allowed subscribers to decide whether to receive attachments above a specified size.

All the best,


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Beerends, J.G. (John) wrote:
Dear All,
Personally I would be in favor of allowing attachments and leave it up
to the members of the AUDITORY LIST to decide whether something is of
general interest and thus could be send as an  attachment to the
I found the paper I got from Chaslav over the reflector very intersting
and this paper certainly falls in the category "high quality and of
general interest". And indeed with all these high speed connections and large computer storage this should be no problem. Why not allow it and
see if we can self regulate?
John Beerends
TNO Information and Communication Technology
The  Netherlands
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Pierre, I will send you the article in a separate email since I was so publicly reminded that this list should not be used for attachments. If anybody else needs this or other SII (AI) articles let me know. Also, I will try to put some of those on www.sii.to in the next few
days. At this day and age with virtually unlimited storage, fast DSL,
and a the delete function on the keyboard it is hard to justify that
journal articles should not be enclosed.
Pierre Divenyi wrote:

Please do the electronic version, so that others on the list could also benefit from Chas's 1991 wisdom (I am sure he will not mind).


At 02:53 PM 1/5/2009, Lewis, Dawna E wrote:
Oddly enough, I was cleaning some files recently and actually have a hard copy of that article. I could send you one via regular mail or try to get time to scan it over the next couple of days.

Dawna Lewis
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