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Re: Ecological Acoustics Women

Bruno : May I ask what the goal/purpose of your review is?

A women studies Revue (Université Laval, City of Québec) called for papers on Ecology.
I asked if they were interested in Acoustics Ecology women's work.
They answered back: Since we know nothing about Acoustics Ecology, we welcome your proposal.

I will manily present the «ambiophone approach» I developped in me thesis and expose few other ways of dealing with Acoustic Ecology object/method/problématique. I won't be able to go over many articles because the dead line is too short. But at least, the article will include an extended list of women's work on the field.

Articles written by soundscape artists are also welcome.

Thank to you all

Bruno L. Giordano a écrit :
Hello Claire,

as far as perception of nonspeech/nonmusical naturalistic sounds is
concerned, Claudia Carello, Catherine Guastavino, Laurie Heller, Roberta
Klatzky and Terri Bonebright come to my mind. You might also consider
Clara Suied, more focused on sound design and multisensory interaction.
To my knowledge, Eleanor J. Gibson did not focus on Ecological Acoustics
per se, but quite likely contributed to the development of the field.

If, as some authors do (e.g., Gaver), you consider the study of the
perception of musical timbre as one of the most ecological topics in
mainstream nonspeech hearing science (along with the study of spatial
sound), you will have to consider several more authors. By memory I can
mention Carol Krumhansl, Anne Caclin, Sophie Donadieu, Caroline Traube,
{Mitsuko Aramaki/Sølvi Ystad} and Claudia Fritz. I am sure there are
more (and I'm sorry if I forget somebody I know).

You might be able to find some more in the field of sound design (what's
more ecological to us than the sound of appliances?).

May I ask what the goal/purpose of your review is?

Good luck,


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Bruno L. Giordano, PhD
Music Perception and Cognition Laboratory
CIRMMT http://www.cirmmt.mcgill.ca/
Schulich School of Music, McGill University
555 Sherbrooke Street West
Montréal, QC H3A 1E3
Office: +1 514 398 4535 ext. 00900

Claire Piché wrote:

I'm looking for articles, research reports, essay, etc. about Ecological acoustics written by women. Papers written in french are also welcome.

I know the work of Nancy J. Vanderveer

Claire Piché, Ph. D.
Études et pratiques des arts.

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