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Re: Ecological Acoustics Women

Claire Piche wrote:

Date:    Thu, 8 Jan 2009 11:18:40 -0500
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Subject: Re: Ecological Acoustics Women

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Bruno : May I ask what the goal/purpose of your review is?

A women studies Revue (Universit=E9 Laval, City of Qu=E9bec) called for=20
papers on Ecology.
I asked if they were interested in Acoustics Ecology women's work.
They answered back: Since we know nothing about Acoustics Ecology, we=20
welcome your proposal.

I will manily present the =ABambiophone approach=BB I developped in me=20
thesis and expose few other ways of dealing with Acoustic Ecology=20
object/method/probl=E9matique. I won't be able to go over many articles=20
because the dead line is too short. But at least, the article will=20
include an extended list of women's work on the field.
Articles written by soundscape artists are also welcome.*

Thank to you all

Bruno and Brian have included many of the women researchers in acoustics (with an ecological perspective) especially those who have an established or emerging publication record, but there are a few others that weren't in their lists who have done good graduate work. Their theses are generally available over the internet:

Elif Ozcan 	Netherlands 	Delft University of Technology 	2008 	Ph.D
Milena Droumeva 	Canada 	Simon Fraser University 	2007 	MA
Kirsteen Aldrich 	England 	University of Plymouth 	2005 	Ph.D.
Laura Ottaviani 	Italy 	Verona University 	2004 	Ph.D
Pernilla Ulfvengren 	Sweden 	Royal Institute of Technology 	2003 	Ph.D
Frédérique Guyot 	France 	University of Maine 	1996 	Ph.D.

Judy Edworthy should be included as she has emphasized effective warning sound design as opposed to just make it loud (see her paper with Stanton on auditory warning affordances). Another name on the list should be Beth Wenzel ("the function of the ears is to point the eyes"). And I'm sure there are others. What I like about the table above is the number of recent degrees (and this doesn't include you, Guastavino or Suied). Based on what I know about the students at LAM, IRCAM, and elsewhere, there will be quite a few more to be added soon.


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