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Re: Loudspeaker with directivity similar to a human talker

Thanks for all.
The B&K and GRAS mouth simulator are expensive.
I  find a book wrote:
  In certain cases, other source directivity patterns than omnidirectional can be of interest. For example, a directivity like that of a human talker may be relevant if the measurement is related to the intelligibility of speech or to measurements on the stage in an opera house. A suitable talker/singer directivity can be obtained by using a small loudspeaker unit (membrane diameter about three to four inches) mounted in a closed box of size comparable to that of the human head.
And in some papers, such as the PSB alpha Mite and PSB alpha II ( not sell now) loudspeakers are used for intelligibility test. From http://www.auditory.org/mhonarc/2005/msg00447.html, Franck used JBL: LSR25P for room acoustics.
  I would like to use a small loudspeaker( it is cheaper than mouth simulator) to reproduce test signal. However, I do not know which types and brands of  loudspeakers are suitful for my work.  It may be best that the loudspeaker has its directivity data.

??I think every loudspeaker of the same size? human head has would comply. Norsonic recommends using a Tivoli loudspeaker to measure STIPA with Nor140 analyzer.
??Best regards.??

2009/3/4 Tony Miller <antonio.miller@xxxxxxxxx>
Suggesting a head and torso simulator (HATS) might be overkill on your budget if you are just interested in getting the directivity of an average human mouth.

The GRAS mouth simulator has an internal amplifer:

The B&K mouth simulator requires an external amplifier:

Both mouth simulators conform to standards: IEEE 269 and ITU-T P.51.


On Wed, Mar 4, 2009 at 11:10 AM, Pang <sound08@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear List

? would like to use a loudspeaker with directional properties similar to a human talker to play the speech signals in rooms for speech intelligibility test. ? do not know which loudspeakers have directional properties similar to a human talker. Could someone please recommand a loudspeakers for my work?


?Xing Xing