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Re: dichotic CV syllable test

Prof. Ellermeier:

I am currently using the APEX software to run a dichotic CVC target detection task.  Although I am doing a 2I 3AFC for target detection, you could definitely have the software run a 1I 6AFC closed set dichotic CV syllable task.  The APEX software can be obtained here:


The way we morphed the code to make it present dichotically is a little convoluted, but I can send you some sample code of our tasks if you decide to use this software.

Dichotic CV syllables have been produced by Ken Hugdahl at University of Bergen and Chuck Berlin when he was at the Kresge Lab, the recording of which can be obtained through Auditec (http://www.auditec.com/cgi/default.asp).  Recording your own CV tokens, however, would be relatively easy using Abode Audition.

Best Regards,
Ursula Goss

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Date:    Wed, 18 Mar 2009 17:41:08 +0100
From:    Wolfgang Ellermeier <ellermeier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: dichotic CV syllable test

Dear list,

in order to behaviorally diagnose lateralization of auditory functions,
we would like to perform a standard DICHOTIC LISTENING TEST using
consonant-vowel syllables (e.g. /pa/ presented to the right phone and
/ga/ presented to the left phone) or other materials. Is anyone on the
list aware of suitable software to run such a test or of a set of
(dichotic) stimuli available for use in a dichotic listening paradigm?
Any hints will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much,

Wolfgang Ellermeier

Prof. Wolfgang Ellermeier, Ph.D.
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