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Re: harmonic extraction

Dear Xueliang Zhang,

I agree with Yoshitaka.  You can certainly prime any complex component
of a complex tone.  The shorter the temporal gap between the two
tones, the better the decomposition of the more complex one.  Consider
the extreme case, where there is no temporal gap between the two
tones, and the more complex tone has just one more harmonic than the
less complex one.  What you will hear is a continuous drone of the
less complex tone, with a pure tone (the extra harmonic) switching on
and off periodically.

Al Bregman

2009/3/19 xlzhang <xlzhang@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Dear list,
> A pure tone can extract corresponding harmonic from complex sound when
> appearing alternatively. I wonder if a harmonic sound can do the same job?
> For example, a complex sound with F0=200Hz appears with a complex sound
> with F0=100 Hz, can we get a continuous perception for F0=200Hz?
> Thank you for your answers in advance.
> Xueliang Zhang

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