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Re: USB audio and vibration recording device with driver

There are many. See, for example:

I am using M-Audio Fast Track Pro (for music listenig), and I am happy
with it. E-mu 0202 USB, Tascam 122, Lexicon Alpha, or even Edirol
UA1EX or other popular options. They mainly differ in audio-specific
devices onboard (like mic preamps), maximum sampling frequency, SNR
(though it's typically very good anyway) and whether they are USB1.1
or 2.0. The latter is important if you need multichannel recording.
Approximately with USB1.1 you can play 2 channels 96kHz/24bit, or
record 2ch 96/24, or record 2ch 48/24 while playing 2ch 48/24, or go
for 4in/2out (or vice versa) at 48/16.

Hope that helps,


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