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Research audiologist position

Research Audiologist Position Opening

Company Profile: EarLens Corporation is an early-stage start-up company in the hearing aid space.  The company was founded on a non-surgical technology for directly vibrating the eardrum.  This technology addresses many of the common customer complaints and shows promise in improving speech intelligibility in background noise and clarity of sound.  The company is currently in the research phase but looking to rapidly move on to pre-clinical studies. It is funded by the NIDCD of NIH and by private investors.

Job Description: The work will be multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary. The candidate will design experimental protocols, perform psychoacoustic experiments, perform measurements of our hearing aid technology worn by subjects, conduct electro-acoustic measurements, carry out data analyses, generate reports, and write manuscripts for journal publications.

Qualifications: The ideal candidate should have a PhD or AuD in the areas of psychoacoustics, clinical audiology or closely related engineering field. We are looking for a person with a broad range of knowledge in psychoacoustics, hearing aids, fitting procedures, and electro-acoustics. The candidate should be proficient in data analysis capabilities using MATLAB, or statistical packages like JMP.

Contact: Sunil Puria, PhD - Chief Scientist


Location: Redwood City, California

5th International Middle Ear Mechanics in Research and Otology meeting: http://memro2009.stanford.edu