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MEMRO 2009 meeting - June 24-29 at Stanford University

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to the beautiful Stanford University campus this June 24-29, for the 5th International Middle-Ear Mechanics in Research and Otology (MEMRO) meeting.

The purpose of the MEMRO meeting is to bring together experts in clinical otology, middle-ear scientists, and engineers, in order to promote the discussion of ideas and the formation of cross-disciplinary collaborations between these groups.

The meeting will consist of two tutorials (“Introduction to Otology” and “Mechanics for the Middle ear”), A keynote presentation (“An evolutionary perspective on middle ears”), two panel discussions, a three-day-long poster session, and sessions on the following topics: Middle-Ear Physiology, Middle-Ear Hearing Aids, Diagnostic Technologies, Passive Prostheses, Computational Models, Imaging Technologies, Surgical Techniques, Bone Conduction, and Pressure Regulation.

Social activities will include a welcoming reception, a night out on the town (Palo Alto), a dinner banquet at a local winery, a barbeque dinner at the New Guinea Garden, and a day-long excursion to the Monterey Bay.

Please note that the deadline for discounted early registration is May 15, 2009.

For additional details, including instructions on how to register, please visit the MEMRO 2009 website:

We look forward to your participation in this exciting meeting!


Sunil Puria (PhD), Richard L. Goode (MD), and Charles Steele (PhD)
MEMRO 2009 Organizing Committee
5th International Middle Ear Mechanics in Research and Otology meeting: http://memro2009.stanford.edu