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ISAAR 2009

Dear list

A reminder about

  ISAAR 2009 "Binaural Processing and Spatial Hearing".

The symposium will take place 26-28 August 2009 at Marienlyst conference
centre, Helsingor, Denmark, see www.isaar.eu. Registration after 25 May
is subject to availability.

The general subject "Binaural Processing and Spatial Hearing" will be
considered from different perspectives, including current physiological
concepts, perceptual measures and models as well as implications for new
technical applications. The symposium will be divided into the following

Session 1. Physiological measures and models of binaural processing.
Invited speakers: Devore, Joris, McAlpine, Picton

Session 2. Perceptual measures and models of spatial hearing.
Invited speakers: Carney, Culling, Hammershoei, Trahiotis

Session 3. Speech processing and perception under adverse conditions.
Invited speakers: Akeroyd, Bronkhorst, Kollmeier

Session 4. Recent concepts in binaural cochlear-implant and hearing-aid
Invited speakers: Baumann, Edwards, Laback, Launer

Participants are encouraged to give oral- or poster presentations,
all of which will be published in the conference proceedings.

Registration details and further information can be found on the
web-site: www.isaar.eu

Organizing committee:
Joerg Buchholz, Centre for Applied Hearing Research, DTU, Denmark;
Jakob C. Dalsgaard, Institute of Biology, SDU, Denmark; Torsten Dau,
Centre for Applied Hearing Research, DTU, Denmark; Torben Poulsen,
Department of Electrical Engineering, DTU, Denmark.

ISAAR is the abbreviation of "International Symposium on Audiological
and Auditory Research", and was previously known as the Danavox Symposium.
ISAAR is supported by GN ReSound through the Danavox Jubilee Foundation.