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Re: Speech Quality Assessment Recent Developments

Dear All,

Currently ITU-T is running a benchmark called POLQA (Perceptual
Objective Listening Quality Assessment) from which a new standard will
be derived as the follow up of PESQ (Rec. P.862).
Major new items:
1) Superwideband speech (max 14 kHz audio bandwith)
2) Impact of a wide range of new types of distortions
3) Impact of global play back level

Some of my recent work contains new ideas, see references below.

John Beerends
The Netherlands

J. G. Beerends, B. P. Busz, P. Oudshoorn, J. M. Van Vugt, O. K. Ahmed,
O. A. Niamut "Degradation Decomposition of the Perceived Quality of
Speech Signals on the Basis of a Perceptual Modeling Approach," J. Audio
Eng. Soc., vol. 55, pp. 1059-1076 (2007 Dec.).
J. G. Beerends, R. A. van Buuren, J. M. Van Vugt, J. A. Verhave
"Objective Speech Intelligibility Measurement on the Basis of Natural
Speech in Combination with Perceptual Modeling," J. Audio Eng. Soc., to
be published in the May or June issue of 2009.

J. G. Beerends, J. Krebber, R. Huber, K. Eneman, H. Luts, "Speech
quality measurement for the hearing impaired on the basis of PESQ,"
124th Convention of the Audio Engineering Society, Amsterdam, The
Netherlands, Convention Paper 7404, May 2008.
J. G. Beerends, R. A. van Buuren, J. M. Van Vugt and J.A. Verhave, "PESQ
Based Speech Intelligibility Measurement," Joint conference of the
German and Dutch acoustical society, DAGA 2009, Rotterdam, (2009 March).

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Subject: Speech Quality Assessment Recent Developments

Hello List,

I am looking for information or pointers to any major developments in
the area of objective speech quality assessment in recent years i.e.

Also, if anyone knows the latest plans of the ITU on this topic I would
be most grateful if that information could be passed on.

Thanks in advance.


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