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Hearing Scientist Position in Starkey Hearing Research Center in SF Bay Area

Starkey Laboratories is looking for a full-time Ph.D.-level hearing
scientist with considerable research experience investigating psychoacoustics and speech perception by the hearing impaired.

This position is with the Starkey Hearing Research Center in the San Francisco Bay Area where fundamental psychoacoustics, speech and signal processing research is conducted and applied to long-term product development. The Center is also actively involved with university researchers worldwide.

Starkey Laboratories is the largest hearing aid manufacturer in the United States, and the Center is wholly owned by Starkey.

Please e-mail a cover letter and CV to the contact below, or e-mail
for more information. A pdf with a more complete description of the job requirements and responsibilities can be downloaded at: http://www.starkeyresearch.com/pdfs/HearingScientistPosition2009.pdf

Ross Selden
Talent Management Business Partner
Starkey Laboratories
ross_selden (at) starkey.com