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Colwell's Music Achievement Tests

Hello all,
I am looking to purchase Richard Colwell's Music Achievement Tests 1 and 2 (vinyl + test sheets) but I have been having a hard time finding it. MAT 1 and 2 are central to my dissertation (in music education at Boston University), which is a teacher action-research of a relatively new aural training course that is designed specifically for undergraduate students of electroacoustic music (at Concordia University in Montreal). It seems that the instrument is out of print and the original publisher (Follett) has no idea what I'm talking about. Both me and the music librarian at BU reached a dead-end with them. I have not succeeded in making contact with Colwell so far or with anyone who knows who presently sells the instrument or owns its copyrights. I would really hate to think that this historic, important instrument is "gone."

If anyone on the list knows where I could buy/get this instrument, or has one to sell I would be really grateful to know about it.
Thanks in advance for any idea/lead/help

Eldad Tsabary

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