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Re: Looking for a 1972 paper from Peter Johannesma (Symposium on Hearing Theory, IPO, Eindhoven)

Dear AUDITORY list,

as suggest by Pierre Divenyi, I uploaded the paper to the following address:


to make it available to all other members of the list. And here is the
corresponding BibTeX entry:

  author = {Johannesma, Peter I.M.},
  title = {The pre-response stimulus ensemble of neurons in the
cochlear nucleus},
  booktitle = {Symposium on Hearing Theory},
  year = {1972},
  pages = {58-69},
  address = {Eindhoven, Holland},
  month = {June},
  organization = {Institute for Perception Research (IPO)}

So I have to thank Yun Jin Cho and William Hartmann again for their
help and of course all other list members who have been so kind to
offer to scan the paper!

:) stefan

cand. Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Strahl
University of Oldenburg
Department of Physics
Signal Processing Group
26111 Oldenburg, Germany
EMail: stefan.strahl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx