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Re: looking for the reading span test

Dear Valeriy and List,


I have a rather recent version. The original reading span test was introduced by Daneman and Carpenter (1980). Baddeley et al.(1985) made a test based on the technique used by Daneman and Carpenter, and this was further developed in Sweden by the persons involved in the HEAD Cognitive Hearing Science group at Linköping University. The current version (Andersson et al. 2001, Hällgren et al. 2001, Rönnberg et al., 1989) is available as a stand-alone application (executable file) and have been used in several studies (e.g. Lunner, 2003, Rudner et al, 2008) which showed a relatively strong correlation between the reading span test and sentence recognition in noise. Davis (2003) have also made a large scale study where this version of the reading span test was included. Akeroyd (2008) reviewed  twenty studies, published since 1989, that have measured experimentally the relationship between speech recognition in noise and some aspect of cognition. Measures of working memory (especially reading span) were mostly effective, whereas measures of general ability, such as IQ, were mostly ineffective.

If you wish, I can e-mail the executable file to you (~2 MB).


Best wishes,


Thomas Lunner, professor Cognitive Hearing Science

Oticon A/S Research Centre Eriksholm, Snekkersten, Denmark

Linnaeus Centre HEAD, The Swedish Institute for Disability Research, Linköping, Sweden




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Subject: looking for the reading span test


Dear list,
Could anyone suggest where I could find materials necessary to administer the Reading Span Test (Daneman & Carpenter, 1980) or a more recent version?