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Re: AUDITORY Digest - 24 Jun 2009 to 25 Jun 2009 (#2009-142)

Dear Xueliang,

I'm not sure if someone has done the exact experiment you're looking for, but I remembered that in "Spectral Analysis of the Ear," Goupell & Hartmann used a technique called “enhancement” to demonstrate that human ears can distinguish up to the 69 harmonic and point out that Plomp and Mimpen (The ear as a frequency analyzer II) identified the 5th and 7th harmonic as the upper limit for ear resolution, also Berstein and Oxenham (Pitch discrimination of diotic and dichotic tone complexes: Harmonic resolvability or harmonic number?) Identified the 10th harmonic. Maybe that would be a good reading to start with.

I hope it helps.
Julian Villegas

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