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About Silence

Hello everyone!

My name is Pablo. I apologize in advance of my english =D.

I recently joined this mailing list because I'm doing some research about music. My intention is to use computational/statistical models to create music, and that models be driven by cognitive/musical claims (1).

Since the very beginning of my research I had trouble modeling silence. The silence is not just another pitch which has the ability of not to sound. I think that silence has to be treated apart from pitches, but I don't know how.

So here comes my question: Do you know anything I can read to help me out with this?

Thanks you all!


(1) If you are interested, you can hear an example here of what I've already done: http://lafhis.dc.uba.ar/%7Epzivic/E.nar.mid

In that example, the piano is of Scott Joplin, and the solo is composed by mi program. The silences that you hear, are artificial, is just a simple rule that I introduced, if the solo plays all the time it gets annoying