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Re: (off-topic) self-plagiarism

Perhaps let the editors of the journal take action.  As a reviewer, one
is typically bound to reveal nothing about papers under review.  I have
certainly rejected papers with the comment, "This has already been
published x times before," providing all x citations.  (Although I've
never seen x > 2.)  That, and a separate communication to the journal's
editors, seems reasonable.


Peter Lennox wrote:
> You could post the paper (or indeed, the previous ones) to the Turnitin website if you have an account, - this will document areas of coincidence and, even if the paper is then taken down, future versions will be checked against it and receive a correspondingly high coincidence score
> Regards
> ppl
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> Dear List,
> I have a dilemma that I don't know where to turn with. I received a paper
> from a journal for review. A quick search on google revealed that the
> author has published the same paper (with negligible modifications)
> already at least 6-7 times. Is there anything I can do besides rejecting
> the paper from this journal?
> Thanks, and sorry for the off-topic mail.
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