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Re: (off-topic) self-plagiarism

Title: Re: (off-topic) self-plagiarism
On 7/7/09 7:39 PM, "Iftikhar Riaz (Lance) Nizami" <Nizamii2@xxxxxxx> wrote:

My name is Doctor Nizami, not Mister Nizami. My 3 degrees from the University of Toronto are on record.”

Hello Dr. Nizami,

In my vocabulary, “Mister” is a polite address. You can call me “Mister” any time — I will not be offended. I am a little more disturbed by the tone of your notes. If you have not noticed, the Auditory List is a congenial group of people who post notes with the understanding that keeping a friendly approach makes scientific communication more accessible and ultimately more efficient.

-Pierre Divenyi