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Re: (off-topic) self-plagiarism

Dear Colleagues - On the continuing subject of ethics, I'm deeply touched by Dr. Divenyi's concern, bearing in mind that he does not know me. I'm also touched by his desire to introduce others to his unique interpretation of modern professional salutations. Of course, I will accept his graceful apology.
Now, can we all get back to the matter at hand?  Regarding ethical behavior, I have some published Letters to Editors. I thank Dr. Divenyi for making me remember these letters. Please see the bibliography below. Most are available free on the 'Net, should anyone be interested. - Lance Nizami PhD

“Cheating the sciences” University of Toronto Magazine 36(3) p4 (2009)


“A new bristle in the toothbrush problem” APS Observer 22(2) p5 (2009)


“Getting more bang for the buck” Forum, IEEE Spectrum 46(1)  p10 (2009)


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“The paucity of grants among young scientists” Science 298 p2329 (2002)

In a message dated 7/8/2009 12:19:21 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, pdivenyi@xxxxxxxxx writes:
On 7/7/09 7:39 PM, "Iftikhar Riaz (Lance) Nizami" <Nizamii2@xxxxxxx> wrote:

My name is Doctor Nizami, not Mister Nizami. My 3 degrees from the University of Toronto are on record.”

Hello Dr. Nizami,

In my vocabulary, “Mister” is a polite address. You can call me “Mister” any time — I will not be offended. I am a little more disturbed by the tone of your notes. If you have not noticed, the Auditory List is a congenial group of people who post notes with the understanding that keeping a friendly approach makes scientific communication more accessible and ultimately more efficient.

-Pierre Divenyi