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Re: frequency to mel formula

Dear list
Another lead: Malcom Slaney implemented mfcc calculations in the Matlab Auditory Toolbox using a method that is different from the formulae previously cited on the list. Once I compared his method to the formula 2595*log10(1+hz/700) and found little difference. Malcom may remember where he devised the method from (I would bet from Rabiner's book?).

By the way, I found the  log10(1+hz/700) formula in the following conference paper:
 author = "Sirko Molau and Michael Pitz and Ralf Schlüter and Hermann Ney",
  title = "Computing Mel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficients on the Power Spectrum",
  booktitle = {International Conference on Acoustic, Speech  and Signal Processing},
  year =      {2001},
  address =      {Salt Lake City, UT},
  month =      {June},
I don't currently have the paper at hand, but if someone could check, they may cite their source.
Hope that it helps.
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