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Survey: music cognition courses

Dear List,

I'm trying to collect some information on music perception/cognition courses
being offered today.

If you are involved in teaching such a course, I'd like to invite
you to provide the information below **by July 27**.  I will be collating the info
and presenting it at the upcoming Society for Music Perception and Cognition
(SMPC) meeting, Aug 3-7, in Indianapolis, Indiana:


If you don't teach a course on this topic, but know a colleague who does,
please feel free to forward this message to him/her, even if he/she
is in a different department.


Ani Patel
President, SMPC

Summer 2009 Music cognition course survey

Name of university

Location of university (City, State/Region, Country)

Name of course

Department/Program in which it is offered

Level (undergraduate, graduate)

Names and home departments of professor(s)

How old is the course (what year was it created)?

How often is it offered (e.g., yearly, every other year)?

What is the typical enrollment?

Has enrollment grown, shrunk, or remained the same in the past few  

In the latest class, did you use any books?  If so, which ones?

Course website (if it exists)

If you can, please provide a one-sentence description of course aims.

Aniruddh D. Patel, Ph.D.
Esther J. Burnham Senior Fellow
The Neurosciences Institute
10640 John Jay Hopkins Drive
San Diego, CA 92121

858-626-2085 tel
858-626-2099 fax