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Reverberation time

Title: Mail
Dear lists,
  Recently, I was reading papers about speech separation in the reverberant environment. Generally speaking, most of the previous works are carried on simulated data, in which the reverberant speech is the convolution of a clean speech and the simulated room impulse response provided by some toolkits, such as Roomsim (given by D. R. Campbell). However, it is surprising to me that the reverberation time can be set to a certain value (e.g. RT60 = 300ms) in some papers. As I know, reverberation time is influenced by many factors, such as room volume, absorption coefficient of the surfaces et al. Therefore, I have the following questions:
  1. How to set the reverberation time to be a certain value in a simulated room? Is there any paper or toolkit for performing it?
  2. If the other factors are invariable, how much will the reverberation time change according with the location variances of source or microphone? Is the reverberation time mainly determined by room configuration?
  Thanks for your answers and discussions!


Liheng Zhao