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Job Announcement at Walter Reed (Washington DC)

We are expanding our research mission at Walter Reed Army Medical Center to include a number of new projects studying cognitive processing disorders in patients with traumatic brain injury and/or central auditory disorders and more general communication processing deficits. We are looking for a full-time research scientist to help lead this exciting area of research. The position is fully funded, and offers a great opportunity to conduct cutting edge clinically relevant research. The announcement can be found at: http://www.avspeechlab.com/JobAnnouncement_ResearchScientist_12-13.pdf

Ken W. Grant, Ph.D.

Director of Research (Acting)
Army Audiology and Speech Center
Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Building 2, Room 6A53C
Washington, DC 20307-5001

Work: 202-782-8596
Fax: 202-782-9228

email: grant@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
web page: http://www.avspeechlab.com/