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Webcast of some sessions/concerts of SMC 2009

[Sorry for cross-posting]

Dear colleagues,

Just a quick advertisement to let you know that some scientific
sessions and some concerts of the ongoing SMC 2009 Conference will be
transmitted in real-time on the internet via the webcast platform

If you are interested, among other things, you will be able to watch:
. a network performance
. a paper session on Music Information Retrieval
. 3 keynotes
. ...

More details on http://smc2009.smcnetwork.org/news/smc-2009-webcast
and  http://www.casadamusica.tv/

Best regards,
fabien gouyon, researcher,
Telecommunications and Multimedia Unit,
INESC Porto, Portugal,
web: http://www.inescporto.pt/~fgouyon

HIGHLIGHT: http://smc2009.smcnetwork.org/