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Invitation to attend: Fourth International Workshop on HAPTIC and AUDIO INTERACTION DESIGN (HAID'09)

On behalf of the organizing committee of the Fourth International Workshop on HAPTIC and AUDIO INTERACTION DESIGN (HAID'09), we would like to invite you to attend this exciting event that will happen in Dresden, September 10-11, 2009.


The aim of HAID’09 is to bring together researchers and practitioners who share an interest in finding out how the haptic and audio modalities can be used together in human computer interaction. The research challenges in the area are best approached through user-centred design, empirical studies or the development of novel theoretical frameworks.


The workshop program is online and can be downloadable:  http://www.ias.et.tu-dresden.de/akustik/HAID09/Preliminary_program.pdf




Prof. Dr. Charles Spence, Oxford University

Dr. Durand Begault, NASA

Dr. Christophe Ramstein, Immersion Cooperation


Paper Presentations – Sorted by Sessions


Session I: Haptic Communication and Perception


(I.I) “Communicative Functions of Haptic Feedback”, Jonas Moll and Eva-Lotta Sallnäs


(I.II) “Target Acquisition with Force Feedback: the Effect of Different, Forces on the User’s Performance”, Joan De Boeck, Lode Vanacken and Karin Coninx


Session II: Navigation and Guidance


(II.I) “Evaluating Factors that Influence Path Tracing with Passive Haptic Guidance”, Kurosh Zarei-nia, Xing-Dong Yang, Pourang Irani and Nariman Sepehri


(II.II) “Haptic Interaction Techniques for Exploring Chart Data”, Sabrina A. Panëels, Jonathan C. Roberts and Peter J. Rodgers


(II.III) “Audio Bubbles: Employing Non-Speech Audio to Support Tourist Wayfinding”, David McGookin, Stephen Brewster and Pablo Priego


(II.IV) “Interactive Sonification of Curve Shape and Curvature Data”, Simon Shelley, Miguel Alonso, Jacqueline Hollowood, Michael Pettitt, Sarah Sharples, Dik Hermes and Armin Kohlrausch


Session III: Visual Impairment


(III.I) “Accessing Audiotactile Images with HFVE Silooet”, David Dewhurst


(III.II) “Configurable Design of Multimodal Non Visual Interfaces for 3D VE’s”, Fabio De Felice, Giovanni Attolico and Arcangelo Distante


(III.III) “Tactile Paper Prototyping with Blind Subjects”, Mei Miao, Wiebke Köhlmann, Maria Schiewe and Gerhard Weber


Session IV: Vibrotactile Feedback and Music


(IV.I) “The Carillon and its Haptic Signature: Modeling the Changing               Force-Feedback Constraints of a Musical Instrument for Haptic Display”, Mark Havryliv, Florian Geiger, Matthias Guertler, Fazel Naghd and Greg Schiemer


(IV.II) “Augmented Haptics – An Interactive Feedback System for Musicians”, Tobias Grosshauser and Thomas Hermann


(IV.III) “Interaction Design: The Mobile Percussionist”, Tiago Reis, Luís Carriço and Carlos Duarte


(IV.IV) “Vibratory and Acoustical Factors in Multimodal Reproduction of Concert DVDs”, Sebastian Merchel and Ercan Altinsoy


Session V: Multimodal User Interfaces: Design and Evaluation


(V.I) “The Effect of Multimodal Feedback Presented via a Touch Screen                    on the Performance of Older Adults”, Ju-Hwan Lee, Ellen Poliakoff and Charles Spence


(V.II) “Audiotactile Feedback Design for Touch Screens”, Ercan Altinsoy and Sebastian Merchel


Session VI: Multimodal Gaming


(VI.I) “Evaluation of User’s Physical Experience in Full Body Interactive Games”, Mitja Koštomaj and Bojana Boh


(VI.II) “A Tangible Game as Distributable Platform for Psychophysical Examination”, Matthias Rath and Sascha Bienert


Posters/Demos (Alphabetical Order)


“A Multimodal Platform for Audio Manipulation in Virtual Reality”, Victor Zappi, Darwin Caldwell and Andrea Brogni

“A Novel Approach for Device Independent Gesture Recognition”, Mathias Wilhelm 

“A shoe-based interface for ecological ground augmentation”, Stefano Papetti, Marco Civolani and Federico Fontana

“A visual editor to authoring VE multimodal user interfaces”, Fabio De Felice, Arcangelo Distante and Giovanni Attolico

“Ambient Interactive Storybook”, Mitja Kostomaj and Bojana Boh

“An Approach for a Simulator of the Acoustic Feedback of Control Elements”, Alexander S. Treiber, Gregor Rozinaj and Peter Häuptle

“Audio Effect Control via Head-Position Estimation” Patrick O'Keefe and Colby Leider

“Audio Minimization: Applying 3D Audio Techniques to Multi-Stream Audio Interfaces” Yolanda Vazquez-Alvarez and Stephen Brewster

“Bending Wave Haptics in Human Interface Devices”, Neil Harris      

“Comparing the Effectiveness of Auditory & Tactile Cues in Facilitating Visual Search Performance”, Mary Kim Ngo and Charles Spence

“Enhanced Mappings for On-Screen Faders”, Kristian Gohlke, Jörn Loviscach, David Black and Michael Hlatky

“E-Sense screen: Novel haptic display with Capacitive Electrosensory Interface”, Jukka Linjama and Ville Mäkinen

“Experimentation with metaphors of 3D sound”, Erik Vladimir Ortega Gonzalez, Merienne, Frederic; Garbaya, Samir

“From Audiotactile Perception to Meaning”, Ute Jekosch       

“Haptic Audio Guidance for Target Selection in a Virtual Environment”, Bob Menelas, Mehdi Ammi, Patrick Bourdot, Brian FG Katz, Lorenzo Picinali

“Interactive Haptic Map for the Visually Impaired”, Limin Zeng and Gerhard Weber

“Modular tacTiles for Sonic Interactions with Smart Environments”, Jan Anlauff, Jeremy Cooperstock, Tobias Grosshauser and Thomas Hermann

“New Ways of Playing Old Games”, Tiago Reis, Luís Carriço, Carlos Duarte and Romeu Carvalho

“Perception of real rubbing sounds”, Dik J. Hermes, Steven Brouwer de Koning and Paul Geelen

“Recent advances in exploring self-induced sonic interactions in the context of performing arts”, Cumhur Erkut, Inger Ekman and Antti Jylhä

“Soundcrumbs – Hansel and Gretel in the 21st century”, Charlotte Magnusson, Kirsten Rassmus-Gröhn and Björn Breidegard

“The Mobile Percussionist”, Tiago Reis, Carlos Duarte and Luís Carriço

“Unimodal and Crossmodal Audiotactile Frequency Matching in the Flutter range”, Valeria Occelli, Massimiliano Zampini, Charles Spence, Bettina Forster and Helge Gillmeister



To register for the workshop please use this link: http://www.ias.et.tu-dresden.de/akustik/HAID09/registration.html


Looking forward to seeing you in Dresden in September 2009!


Workshop Chair:

Ercan Altinsoy

Ute Jekosch

Stephen Brewster