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address correction - Postdoctoral positions in vision and auditory research

Two newly created positions, one in vision and one in audition, are
available in the lab of Dale Purves, which has now moved to the Duke-NUS
Graduate Medical School in Singapore. 

Research in the laboratory concerns visual and auditory perception and the
neurobiological underpinnings of perceptual phenomena.  Ongoing
investigations in vision include understanding the perception of brightness,
color, orientation, motion, and depth; the interest in audition concerns
understanding the tonal relationships in music arising from the similarity
of musical dyads and voiced speech spectra.  The unifying theme of these
projects is the hypothesis that visual and auditory percepts are generated
according to a wholly empirical strategy that represents in perception the
empirical significance of sensory stimuli rather than their physical
properties.  These issues are being explored by psychophysics, analyses of
natural image and sound databases, and the emerging properties of virtual
organisms evolving in defined environments.  See purveslab.net for details.
Applicants should have a PhD in neuroscience, psychology, computer science
or a related discipline. Applications must include a CV with the names and
contact information of three references, preferably sent by email to
purves@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Applications by regular mail to should be addressed
to Dale Purves, M.D., Director, Neuroscience and Behavioral Disorders
Program, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, 8 College Road, Singapore 169857