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Re: RIP Les Paul

The world has lost a great one.


Harriet B. Jacobster, Au.D.
Board Certified in Audiology

Brian Gygi wrote:

Les Paul, innovative guitarist, inventor and all-around delightful person died at 94.  Most of  you know him, but for those who might be unfamiliar with him, he was an autodidact who developed the electric guitar, multitrack recording, delay, and many other staples of modern recording (he also was the first to record pieces at a slower speed wo when it was played at normal speed it sounded like he was playing much faster than he really could).  He was truly an original.


?Honestly, I never strove to be an Edison,? he said in a 1991 interview in The New York Times. ?The only reason I invented these things was because I didn?t have them and neither did anyone else. I had no choice, really.?