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Call for Participation - SBCM 2009

(Please apologize for cross-postings)

                  CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                         SBCM 2009

       The 12th Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music

        XII Simpósio Brasileiro de Computação Musical


             Recife, Brazil, September 7-9, 2009

This year's SBCM will be held in the beautiful city of Recife, on the northeastern Brazilian coast, featuring high-level technical and musical sessions, keynote talks by
world-renowned guests, and concerts. The program includes:

- Technical Papers
- Music Papers
- Posters presentations
- Invited Talk by Miller Puckette (CRCA/UCSD, USA)
- Invited Talk by Daniel Teruggi (INA/GRM, France)
- Workshops
- Concerts


Discounted registration fees are available until August 21st (Friday).
For online registration, visit
(for Brazilians: http://compmus.ime.usp.br/sbcm/2009/portugues/inscricao.html).


The program will include 10 Technical Papers, 5 Music Papers, 9 posters,
3 concerts, 2 panels, 2 invited talks, and a workshop (tutorial). The
topics of the technical sessions will cover:

 * Acoustics, Diffusion, Sonorization
 * Artificial Life and Evolutionary Music Systems
 * Audio Digital Signal Processing
 * Computer-Aided Music Analysis
 * Computer-Aided Musicology
 * Internet and Web Applications
 * Movement and Gesture
 * Multimedia Systems and Applications
 * Music Information Retrieval
 * Psychoacoustics and Cognitive Modeling
 * Real-time Interactive Systems
 * Software Systems and Languages for Composition
 * Sound Synthesis


Participants flying GOL Airlines from anywhere in Latin America
to Recife get 20% off on the purchase of the tickets. For further
information, including the list of accepted papers, please visit the
symposium home page at http://compmus.ime.usp.br/sbcm/2009.
For questions about registration, local organization and other inquiries,
please contact the chairs at sbcm2009@xxxxxxxxxx

Regis Rossi Alves Faria

LSI - Laboratory of Integrable Systems - University of Sao Paulo
Audio Engineering and Coding Center
05508-010 São Paulo - Brazil
phone: +55 11 3091 5589

Organia Musical Engineering |Audiovisual Technologies
São Paulo - Brazil
phone: +55 11 3070 9646