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DSP Engineer position in Melbourne, Australia.

A DSP Engineer position is available at Dynamic Hearing in Melbourne,
Australia (see below).

DSP Engineer to join commercial R & D team in Australia

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Dynamic Hearing is a world leading
provider of audio DSP technology for personal consumer and medical
devices. Our technology is integrated into a diverse range of products
from Bluetooth headsets to hearing aids and is worn by millions of
people worldwide, helping them to communicate more effectively.

We are seeking an experienced DSP engineer to join our fast-paced R & D
team. The role will involve the innovation and development of real-time
audio/voice processing DSP algorithms, and assisting our customers in
integrating them into their next generation of products.

The role involves:

    * Innovation, research, and design of new DSP algorithms
    * Modelling and prototyping with Matlab/Simulink and real-time test
    * Implementation and testing of algorithms in the latest generation
audio DSP devices
    * Characterisation and tuning of algorithms on various hardware
platforms in controlled acoustic environments.
    * Assisting human trials and studies in laboratory and field
    * Working closely with hearing science, application software,
marketing and commercial teams
    * Working with the customer throughout the product development
process to provide expert technical support and design advice
    * Some international travel, typically to Asia, North America or

The ideal candidate will possess the following attributes:

    * A relevant qualification, such as a Bacheler/Masters/PhD in
Engineering, Science or Computer Science
    * A minimum of 3 years digital signal processing experience
    * Experience implementing DSP algorithms on a variety of DSP
    * Experience writing assembly code running on embedded processors
    * Knowledge of audio systems and the DSP algorithms used in such
systems (for example acoustic echo, noise cancellation and/or speech
recognition algorithms)
    * Experience testing audio  and acoustic systems
    * Experience using MATLAB/SIMULINK
    * Any knowledge in a range of additional relevant areas, including
acoustics, industrial design, electronic design, hearing science, voice
telecommunications, cell-phone software, music, audio editing &
production, Bluetooth and low power wireless.

Dynamic Hearing will consider candidates from outside Australia and is
able to provide assistance obtaining a working visa in Australia.

For further information about this role please contact Tom Harvey on +61
3 8420 8500. 

Please email your application, citing 'DSP Engineer' in the message
title to careers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx