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Re: Huffman sequences

Hi Andrea

Huffman sequences are truncated impulse responses of all-pass sections.

In addition to Patterson and Green (1970), you may want to read their reference: D. A. Huffman, “The Generation of Impulse-Equivalent Pulse Trains,” IRE Trans. Inform. Technol., vol. IT-8, pp. S10-S16 (1962).



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Andrea Valle skrev:
Dear List,

I know Hufmann coding but I never heard of Hufmann sequences as audio signals. Now, I'm re-reading Moore citing Patterson and Green (1970) about Hufmann sequences discrimination task.
Could anyone share some info? (if possible, I'd like to resynthesize them for didactical purposes)

Thanks a lot



Andrea Valle
Università degli Studi di Torino

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