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RE Kevin Austin's comments Re: On "learned" A/P, lattice / grid

I have been a bass player since 1976. I started piano at age 8 (1969) and picked up sax and bassoon in elementary and junior high school. I have a MM (Ed.) and PhD. (Theory and Comp). I've taught 2 sections of theory to high school students for 11 years. Ear training, since being young, has always been stressful for me, and a real enigma as a young student. Now students always try to stump me on intervals, without success. I recognize them for their unique characteristics, and I would say that I recognize harmonic intervals more quickly than melodic intervals. I do not have AP in the common sense. However, Kevin's comments made me remember that I can often tune my bass without a reference pitch. I have always considered it some sort of contextual learning.

David Spondike