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cochlear parameters ?

Hello Everybody

I am simulating a computational model of cochlea and as i was setting the parameters of the model. i was wondering if any one can help me with the proper/common value of these parameters explained below, in a way that they be as consistent as possible with real data and real cochlea. here are the parameters : 

-The ratio between threshold of the firing neurons of highest and lowest nerve fibers : ?

- sponataneous firing rate of cochlea's output neurons : ?

- Maximum firing rate : ?

- Adaptation time scale of these neurons : ?

- The approximate ratio between initial and steady state firing rate of such neurons  : ?

- time constant and firing threshold : ? [are these parameters specifically much different from the other typical neurons in the auditory pathway ?]

- Attack and Release time constants of Outer Hair Cells ;   ?

- and finally the Inner hair cell typical time constant : ?

Thanks in advance for your help.