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Re: AUDITORY Digest - 5 Oct 2009 to 6 Oct 2009 (#2009-229)

Dear LIST,

Over the past 25 years or so we have been refining a battery of tests of auditory acuity for tones, tonal patterns, and speech, called the Test of Basic Auditory Capabilities (TBAC)   Most recently we used that  eight-subtest battery, plus eleven other auditory tests, in a study of individual differences in auditory abilities among 340 young adult listeners with normal audiograms (Kidd et al., JASA, 2007).   After quite a few requests for this battery we have put together a computer-controlled version, the TBAC-4, which has recorded instructions, etc., requires a little over one hour, and yields pretty reliable measures (thresholds, percentile rankings, and an estimate of "auditory G"...your auditory IQ). It is described in some detail, and there is a downloadable manual for its use, at http://www.comdistec.com/new/TBAC.html .    

Yes, there is a charge for it, but it is pretty cheap as such things go.  I won't tell you how much, as that would be way too crass for the LIST.   

Best to all,

Chuck Watson
Indiana University and CDT, Inc.