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It was the frog whose legs were cut off.  When they told him then to jump, he did not move.  The scientific
conclusion was that if you cut  off the legs of a frog,   it  looses its  hearing.

On Oct 12, 2009, at 10:39 AM, Paweł Kuśmierek wrote:

2009/10/12 Fred Herzfeld <herzfeld@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
There was a scientist who wanted to find out how important food was to a
beetle. He conditioned (Pavlov) a beetle to crawl toward food on command of
a bell. After the beetle was well trained he amputated one leg and repeated
the experiment. Again the beetle crawled to the food. He amputated a second
leg but the beetle still crawled to the food. When he amputated the next to
last leg the beetle with some effort crawled to the food. Then he amputated
the last leg. The beetle did not move. The scientist was surprised. He wrote
in his notebook: When all legs of a beetle are amputated it looses its

I think the scientis's conclusion was: When all legs of a beetle are
amputated it looses its HEARING. :-)

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